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I am pleased to welcome you to my website and blog: In Cucina Con Ilaria.

Firstly the name of this site is in Italian and means "In the kitchen with Ilaria". This is an invitation to pleasure, relaxation and indulgence!

I'm Ilaria and I am passionate about cooking, gastronomy and good and natural products.
I was born and raised in Italy by a family for which food is a social and traditional act.  I learned the gestures, smells, colors and textures in the kitchen with my mom and my two grandmothers.
At the end of my studies, carried by the chances of life, I came to live in France, where I discovered a wealth of new products: cheeses and French wines dazzled me!
My travels have also expanded my palette of flavors.  I like mixing the tastes and create new and modern recipes.

Cooking was a great passion of mine even before I decided to make it my main occupation.

I invite you to discover "In Cucina Con Ilaria": the richness of French and Italian products, and also the neglected treasures of the Haute Savoie region where I live and I give my classes.
I love to explore and discover new recipes, trends in modern cuisine, spices and ingredients from all over the world ....

I offer COOKING CLASSES at your place.

You can read the cooking classes Schedule in the left menu "Planning des cours" or ask a tailor-made class by email InCucinaConIlaria@free.fr or by telephone at

I am also your CHEF AT HOME : We meet, you choose the menu that pleases you and I take care of everything: shopping, the making of the meal or buffet at your place and if needed the service.

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